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Healing Paws®

Animal Assisted Therapy Provider


"a special kind of listening"

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Therapy Services


Animal assisted therapy is conducted by a master-level, licensed counselor within the boundaries of their professional degree.  The counselor works with their registered therapy animal, focusing on the client’s specific goals. 


Services within health care facilities

Healing Paws provides professional animal assisted therapy on a contractual basis with health-care institutions. Healing Paws meets with facility staff to determine the resident population and their needs, as well as facility standards and expectations prior to the implementation of the service.  


Healing Paws provides goal-specific:

  • one-to-one counseling sessions
  • co-treatment group therapy sessions
  • co-treatment sessions with the rehabilitation staff



Services with individuals

Healing Paws works in private practice with individuals who have developed cynophobia (fear of dogs). We work with all ages, children to adults, to assist in overcoming their fear of dogs. We employ a systematic approach, customized to the needs of the individual.


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