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Continuing Education in Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy


Healing Paws will share the importance of training, and the benefits of Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy (AAA/T) at local and national health care and/or education conferences.



Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) as a Profession: Its Time has Come


The intent of this workshop is to move animal assisted activities/therapy to the next level, that of a paid profession.  This serves to advance the credibility of utilizing registered therapy animals as tools of change when working with a variety of populations, while keeping within the boundaries of the handler's professional degree.


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have the confidence and desire to return to their communities with strategies for starting their own AAA/T businesses.


Fee Required.


Animal Assisted Therapy's Group Connection


The intent of this workshop is to educate professionals on techniques utilizing a registered therapy animal in a variety of clinical group settings.  The focus is for appropriate patient connection with others.  This workshop will show how the therapy animal can serve as a bridge in this connection process. 


Fee Required.

Developing Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy (AAA/T) Training Courses in Your Community


The intent is to create needed trainings in one's community.  The focus of these materials is two-fold:


First, the creation of a therapy team introductory workshop.  This covers what it means to be a therapy team and the procedures for registering with some of the country's top therapy animal organizations.


Secondly, the creation of an experiential therapy animal class.  It is geared toward vounteers and professionals interested in participating in animal assisted activity and therapy programs with their animals.


During the workshop there is the opportunity to develop an outline and receive class input for one training course you would like to implement in your community.


Fee Required.


AAA/T Information Session


Each year, Healing Paws provides a limited number of speaking engagements to non-profit organizations interested in learning how the use of therapy animals improves people’s lives, and the differences between therapy animals and service animals. 


Fee: expenses only

Intentionality when Working with your Therapy Animal


The focus is to refresh and refocus the handler for continued work with their therapy animal in the community.


Fee Required.

The Incorporation of Therapy Teams in the Rehabilitation Setting


The focus is to understand the roles of the handler and rehabilitation staff when working together to create the most effective interaction between the patient and therapy animal. 


Fee Required.

Working with your Therapy Animal in Bereavement Group Settings


The focus is to understand how the incorporation of a therapy animal in traumatic loss support groups encourages a connection among group participants.


Fee Required.

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