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Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship - DVD

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(DVD 48 minutes)


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Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship focuses on developing a more meaningful relationship between you and your animal teammate, when volunteering in your community, working in a professional capacity, and/or going about your daily life at home.

By watching this DVD, perhaps you will get new ideas, or be reminded of forgotten ideas, that, when brought into action, will deepen the bond between the two of you.

Enjoy the journey!"               

Christi Dudzik, MC, LMHC

President and Owner of Healing Paws, Inc.

Master Pet Partners® Instructor and Evaluator

Who Could Benefit from Watching this DVD:

- Individuals interested in getting a dog, and wanting to learn how to go about raising a dog beyond feeding and patting

- Individuals wanting to get involved in therapy work with their dog or other domestic animal                                          

- Individuals wanting to develop, within themselves, the mindset needed for working with their animal as a teammate

- Obedience Instructors who have expanded their areas of expertise to include therapy team (handler-animal) training

- Therapy Animal Skills Class Instructors


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All Rights Reserved.  Any copying or sharing of this DVD, without the written permission of the copyright owner, is strictly prohibited.

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Here's what people are saying about

Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship:

This DVD is such a wonderful resource for AAT and AAA practitioners! It covers all the essentials and provides detailed explanations and video examples of topics that every practitioner should know. The positive, dog-friendly approach portrayed is the only way to go, and the specifics provided will be extremely useful to novice as well as experienced AAT/AAA providers. This DVD has my highest endorsement!

Risë VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC

Author, the award-winning Play Therapy with Kids & Canines

Playful Pooch Program

International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy Studies

This DVD will benefit those interested in getting their first puppy and those who have had dogs all their lives.  There is so much here for beginner to experienced handlers.  Christi teaches us "how to teach our dogs" in such a calming manner.

Experienced, registered therapy teams, already visiting hospitals and other facilities, will take away new training tips and methods that will help them grow into even stronger teams.

My wife and I have had dogs all our lives.  We have watched Christi's video numerous times.  Each time we find something new to pass along to our wonderful Labs.

Thanks for taking the time to put together this wonderful, informative and valuable tool.

Well done, Christi!  


Jack Barron Jr.

Pet Partner Licensed Instructor, Team Evaluator, and Registered Pet Partners since 1999

Member, Board of Directors Pet Partners

"Christi has done a lovely job of making this DVD appealing to both therapy-dog people and pet-dog people.  She asks questions for views to consider, and she answers them.  She provides practical and esoteric information.  Nice job!"

Ann R. Howie, LICSW, ACSW

Human-Animal Solutions, LLC

Christi’s accessible DVD format and comprehensive content provide handlers with key concepts for success in this field. With deep respect for diverse relationships and practical tips for participating with pets in animal assisted interactions, Christi’s expertise offers immediate benefit to individual handlers and therapy animal programs alike.

Laure MacConnell
Coordinator, Pet Assisted Wellness Services (PAWS) 

Providence Alaska Medical Center


If anyone can deliver the goods on what qualities are needed for becoming the ultimate therapy-dog team, it’s Christi Dudzik. She not only talks the talk here but walks the walk, guiding  viewers from the puppy-selection process to the trained bedside partner that evokes smiles, hugs and positive reactions from patients in need from 8 to 80.

      A detailed and energetic narrative, it leaves the viewer with the feel that there are no shortcuts for the successful therapy-dog team and reminds you that good intentions are not always enough. One of its key strengths is that it has you thinking like a dog from the point you enter a facility until you leave.

     From grooming to guardianship and from advocacy to apprehension, Dudzik’s rich, insightful detail addresses all the key elements and challenges that affect a therapy-dog team’s effectiveness in a wide variety of environments. As a result, she carefully connects the dots while not undermining the flow.

    “Developing & Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship” is not designed to be entertaining, but rather educational and empowering – and it succeeds on all fronts.

A detailed and energetic narrative, it leaves the viewer with the feel that there are no shortcuts for the successful therapy-dog team.


Ranny Green, Seattle journalist

"This is a great resource for anyone considering therapy work with their animal.  It gives you the tools to make the best decision possible for you and your animal."

Melissa Lubatti

EvergreenHealth Coordinator-Hospice Volunteers